Programmer at DTU NEXMAP in the web VNT project, intern at issuu.

Can write in C++, ruby, python, Haskell (just to see if I can do things not properly!), coffeescript. I use github and bitbucket.

I can use both the django and rails web frameworks (it's crazy how much easier ruby is to work with than python). I also have experience in sqlite and LDAP database management. I'm learning ocaml and poking at javaScript a bit (coffeescript is so much nicer though).

I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none (but better than a master of one ;) ), as you can probably tell. I like to use my laptops till they die so I can buy a new one, fix the old one and have a good excuse for building test networks :D I wouldn't say I'm a hacker yet, but I sure want to be.

My current main activity is learning OCaml, which I am falling in love with very quickly... almost as much as I love Ruby (which is a lot). I'm also trying to perfect a simplified python LDAP library for release to the public which is going ok, and a few more mini-projects that get in the way of each other :3

I'd love to contribute more to answering questions but everything at my level has been answered and all I can do is run to catch up with everyone else! :D