Gypsy Spellweaver

Kentucky, United States

Pronouns: I don't care, and you don't know anyway. That's the point of pseudonymity.
If you insist: Use thon

OpenPGP Key ⚷
DE4C 6DFD A8AA 4CB0 2953 CE69 2E43 F6F4 BDFC 026E

Ancient computer nerd who likes digging and learning. Cut my teeth on UNIVAC-timeshare and was 'hooked' for life. Useful results, if any, are secondary to the fun.

First home computer: 1984 home-built IBM-PC/XT 8086, 640KB RAM, MS-DOS 1.25, Dual 5-¼ Floppy, 20MB HDD, Hercules Graphics.

First programming contract: 1986, Borland Turbo Pascal, Cotton gin product tracking (seed to graded bale)

Current main OS: Leap 15.1

Favorite Languages: Pascal, HTML/CSS/JS, Fortran, Perl, Shell script(Bash mostly), PHP

Fan of Rusty

As noted below, I don't use Facebook. I do, however use Keybase, where I use the same name gypsyspellweaver. To prove the connection between that account and this profile I am cryptographically signing my name

Gypsy Spellweaver

as the body of a message, with one of the pgp keys identified on that account. That is also the pg key identified above independently of my Keybase account. Signing that message results in the following signed message:

Hash: SHA256

Gypsy Spellweaver


You can copy/paste the above text block into Keybase's verification prompt to verify that gypsyspellweaver on Keybase signed it, verifying the connection between that account and this one.

Not f'd - you won't find me on Facebook
See code blocks below

I have recolored the image for my profile. To use this, in the original colors, in your Stack Exchange profile, copy this code:

[![Not f'd - you won't find me on Facebook][notfb]][fsf-fb]

  [notfb]: "Not f'd — you won't find me on Facebook"
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