Asuncion, Paraguay

MS in CS candidate at University of Southern California

C and Python programmer

Have experience with PHP, SQL, Javascript and Java. Know some Prolog and also a little of Scheme.

Some tools and technologies I've used:

  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App Engine (GAE).
  • Web Services: SOAP, REST
  • Mobile App Development: Android
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL
  • Framework: Zend Framework 2, Django, Slim
  • Compilers: LEX and YACC
  • Parallel programming: OpenMP (on shared memory systems), MPI
  • GUI toolkit: PyQt, GTK
  • Computer Graphics: OpenGL (with freeglut, GLEW, SOIL, etc.)
  • Data Mining: KNIME
  • (Automatic) Code generation: Acceleo
  • Hardware description (language): Verilog
  • Software modeling and MDSE: UML, MOF (MDA)
  • Projects (others): Linux From Scratch and also developed a CLI for it in C. Developed a simple HIDS.

Also, I love maths.