Marmot burrow

I am currently writing a book on "Advanced hibernation techniques", of course in LaTeX.

And I am infinitely grateful to @samcarter for TikZifying marmots. If you have not done so, check out the tikzlings package.

\documentclass[border={0.5cm 3.14mm 0.5cm 3.14mm}]{standalone}
\usepackage{tikzlings} %
 \fill[top color=blue!70,bottom color=blue,shading angle=-30] 
 (-0.56,1.35) to[out=-10,in=190] (0.56,1.35) 
 to[out=-80,in=85] (0.58,0.6) to[out=-175,in=-5] (-0.58,0.6) 
  to[out=95,in=-100] cycle;
 \shade[ball color=brown!50!black,rotate around={70:(0.385,0.93)}] (0.385,0.93) ellipse (0.24 and 0.13);
 \shade[ball color=brown!50!black,rotate around={-70:(-0.385,0.93)}] (-0.385,0.93) ellipse (0.24 and 0.13);
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