I'm a professional software developer, mostly C++ and sometimes Java. I really like more modern languages (e.g. Python, Scala, maybe even C#), but I haven't managed to make them my full time job yet. I'd be happy just to have access to a C++11 compiler most of the time. I probably qualify as a Jedi Knight in Unix/Linux systems and development tools, but I am at best a talented upperclassman Padawan in the ways of programming, even though I started over a decade ago.

I'm also quite skilled in the culinary arts and basic food science, mostly self-taught. I should probably join Seasoned Advice and answer some questions over there, but for now you can read a few of my answers on Quora.

My real call to fame is that I know many narrow subjects really in depth and therefore know a small but above-average amount about a wide range topics. That allows me to reason strongly about less clear problems and answer some pretty esoteric questions. Maybe that's the kind of thing one should list first in an About Me section. If I ever figure out how to get rich and/or famous this way, I'll do that.