Steve Valliere

Rockledge, Florida, USA

I started my professional programming career for the USAF Technical Application Center in 1984, working on C code that analyzed satellite data used to monitor nuclear test ban treaties. I started writing Windows programs with Windows/286 and Windows programming has been my primary job ever since.

I've been a part-time linux user, programmer, sysadmin since the 0.9.x days, mostly RedHat and more recently Ubuntu.

I'm the senior software analyst/developer and also the computer "catch-all" guy at our small company. I generally write in C for Windows, but have dabbled with writing C for linux and misc www scripting languages. I set up and maintain the company's external internet (and internal file) servers.

Most of my career has been split between writing things to keep old computers connected to the ever changing world (about 20%) and creating, writing, maintaining and enhancing the company's process monitoring software for various nuclear power plants and industrial sites. We're currently working on the second revision of a radiation monitoring software package that can replace older systems that manage General Atomics' RM-80 devices (typically linked by current loop).