Stephen Kellett

Ely, United Kingdom

Software engineer at Software Verification Limited.

Into folk music, bagpipes, mandolins, french dancing, swimming, walking, mountains, technology, marketing.

I suffer from RSI, and have lived with it since 1994. I'm one of a few people I've met that have kept their careers after being effectively disabled by the injury. If you have any problems with RSI, you would do well to heed some of my advice on Repetitive Strain Injury

The RSI also affected my music making. I hardly play guitar now (too much stretching of the hands). I replaced that with Mandolin and found that I can automatically knock out really good Irish sounding Jigs. But that didn't last - also bad for my hands. Then I found, to my amazement that bagpipes work for me (but whistles do not). I found bagpipes through French dancing. If you live near Ely, learn some French Music and come and play with us.