I've been a software engineer since 1994, working in various fields from compiler design to embedded systems for ink jet printers.

Since 2010 I've been specialising in developing software for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Mac. My own iOS applications are commercialised via my development company Arctic Whiteness. I'm also known for my plugins for Adobe Lightroom.

I also develop web application using the Meteor platform, of which you can see an example at https://abesea.com/

I'm passionate about great software design. Applications should be easy to use, capable and beautiful. Internally software architecture should have clear separation and purpose and be easy to maintain, extend and test.

On a personal level, just like everyone else I'm a complex combination of many different abilities and interests. I'm a Brit living in the South of France, a freelance software developer, a husband, a dad of two, a passionate sailor, a photographer, a go player, a climber and a cook. I enjoy technology, astronomy, puzzle solving, teaching, travel, the mountains, the sea, music, working for myself and lots of other things besides.

I am available for hire - please contact me to discuss any development work.

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