Napa, CA

Available for consulting and contract software development.

Embedded Software Engineer with extensive experience in C (ANSI C, none of this fancy C++/C#/ObjectiveC stuff), assembly (Z80-ish), Perl, and now a taste of Python. Specializing in writing/implementing specifications and reverse-engineering communication protocols or file formats.

Long time experience with running multiple Linux servers for web and email hosting. Past contributor to Vpopmail and QmailAdmin projects on SourceForge. Occasionally active on GitHub.

Recent experience with Digi International's Rabbit and XBee product lines and their Device Cloud PaaS. Author of an Open Source ANSI C XBee Host Library. Salesforce developer (previously a Certified Developer) with experience in creating Visualforce pages/components and Apex Classes.

Competitive pinball player (IFPA Player #12378) starting to modify pinball machines and write alternate software for them using the P-ROC platform.

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