I'm a Dutch freelance developer with knowledge of various languages and platforms. Decently skilled in various network communicaton protocols and data retrieval, transformation and storage.

Instead of just answering the questions on this site, I like solving the underlying problem. If my answer or comment doesn't seem to address the question directly, please read the question and my response again to see whether I'm here trying to help other developers, or just to score reputation. See also: Before you develop a solution, make sure you really understand the problem.

When I have spare time on my hands that I don't spend programming, I tend to blog in both English and Dutch. Latest entries:

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  • 2014-01-22: Stack Overflow reference questions
  • 2013-03-19: Posting sortable form items to an MVC controller
  • 2013-03-02: Controller injection with Unity under ASP.NET MVC 4
  • 2013-02-24: An idea for multilingual webpages: the Content-Languages response header
  • 2012-12-12: Using the WebClient class – with cookies!
  • 2012-11-18: Configuring a shared packages directory for NuGet and automatically downloading packages
  • 2012-08-14: Sockets and protocols: exchanging messages. Using bytes.
  • 2012-06-02: Remotely viewing detailed error pages in IIS
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