Ravi Bechoe



Summer 2016 is when I achieved my game development degree. I could persue my bachelor but I felt more like working, so I decided to have my own company for free lance project and to work full time to build up some experience. In my spare time I enjoy watching anime, playing games and developing software for personal use. Sometimes I create games with some friends in Unity as a project for usually a couple of weeks. This is usually used as material for our portfolios or something to learn from.

I am working full time as a software developer for notary software. I have my own free lance company aswell in which I work close to part time. It really depends on the amount of project I get.

As a free lancer I am active as a .net C# developer, usually it are projects in either Unity or VS with the main assignment being virtual reality.

At dirict I am active as a front and back-end web developer for the notary. This software makes their job easier and makes the required information for the document types more clear for the clients.

I am still a junior in the programming industry so expect a lot questions from me! :D

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