Kenan Sulayman

Berlin, Germany

Passionate and adaptive software engineer driven by cutting-edge technologies with strong and solid knowledge of design patterns, agile development, TDD, OOP and other methodologies.


  • Node.js since its inception, with in-depth knowledge about inner workings and strong experience scaling it to the millions.
  • C / C++, for performance critical and memory-intense applications.
  • AWS / OpenStack, strong experience implementing and automating self-scaling infrastructures, including multi-region DNS to load-balancing of each isolated component, fail-resilient database architectures and full-region failovers.
  • DevOps, managing multi-gigabit distributed networks.

Frontend: - HTML / CSS / JS: planning the architecture of and implementing lightweight real-time applications that leverage modern web-technologies (Websocket, WebRTC, Canvas and WebGL, ...) and are highly compliant to a diverse range of devices and browsers. - Titanium SDK: planning and implementing highly flexible mobile applications with multi-device support (iOS, Android) capable of over-the-air code updates.

Fighting for freedom of speech. Running three of the biggest Tor exit nodes in Germany.