Current specialty is real time financial market data with sub microsecond latency

Protocols: UDP, TCP, UDP Mutlicast, FIX, FIX/FAST

Specialist in: US Treasury/Fixed Income related trading systems include: ICAP, BrokerTec, ESpeed, Govex, ELX, Cantor, BGC.

Languages: C++ (15 years), STL (9 years), SQL (12 years), C (18 years), PHP (12 years)

Databases: MySql (12 years), C-ISAM (3 years), D-ISAM (1 year)

Web Related: HTML (12 years), Apache (12 years)

OS: Unix’s (13 Years), VMS (11 years), Window/Dos (18 years), Linux (12 years)

Been programing with real computers since I was 16 - been paid for it since I was 18

Worked on VAX, RS600m Intel, Sparx, Ultrix and all sorts of in between

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