Aditya Ravi Shankar

Bangalore, India

Aditya Ravi Shankar started programming in 1993 when he was first introduced to the world of computers. With no access to the Internet or online tutorials at the time, he wrote his first game in GW-BASIC by painstakingly retyping code from a book he found at the local library.

A self-confessed technology geek, he has spent the time since then working on his own projects and experimenting with every new language and technology that he could. During this time he became well known for single-handedly re-creating the famous Command and Conquer RTS game entirely in HTML5. (

He is the author of the book Pro HTML5 Games published by Apress. (

Apart from programming, Aditya is passionate about billiards, salsa dancing, and learning to develop the subconscious mind. He maintains a personal website ( where he writes articles on game programming, personal development, and billiards.

When he is not busy writing or working on his own projects, Aditya does consulting work with companies to help them launch new software products.

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