Gonçalo Peres 龚燿禄



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My passion has been delivering though leading, massive scale products that impact people's lives and turning ideas into reality.

Most of my core skills rely on bridging mathematics and technology with business acumen to provide solutions to business problems, create new business opportunities and improve processes and decision making.

I have been fortunate enough to help projects in more than 18 countries (across 4 continents) advising and consulting small business owners and global companies, while managing multidisciplinary teams across distributed locations.

Since I remember I was always actively involved with the community around me, giving back, and for over 10 years my involvement with humanitarian causes has been growing. Apart from being a blood donor, these past years I had the opportunity to promote, with the help of amazing people, the healthy living in Sierra Leone. I am grateful to be able to provide, since 2016, computing power to advance cutting-edge scientific researches on topics related to health, poverty, sustainability and others. My actions demonstrate my belief that real power comes from serving and loving others.

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