Josh Salganik

Dallas, TX

Aspiring Lifestyle Blogger when time permits & Co-Founder of OPANCO LLC, I'm a Full-time Internet Marketing Expert for the last decade. SEO enthusiast & Google Partner. Enjoy solving complex problems, learning about new technology, and helping others- regardless of much or little they know. As much as I enjoy the ongoing improvements and expansion/creation of new technology, the caveat in choosing this line of work is that is requires a tenacious appetite for new information and constant change. By the time that 6 months passes, Google will of course be rolling out yet another new AdWords interface - and many new metrics & features will certainly follow. New advertising rules will kick into full effect - and this goes for Search as well, and many websites will be hit with penalties for not keeping up with the latest & greatest Best Practices. So for as long as my enthusiasm and heart are keeping pace with the transformative nature of this industry that I've chosen as both a career and hobby, you can expect me to continue along my path as an internet marketing maniac, I'm all in. This is no wiggle room for imperfection is what many believe, but a true expert is one who had made -- and learned from -- as many mistakes as possible. I believe it to be the most important ingredient to personal and professional growth. Thus far, I've enjoyed the personally humbling experience as an internet marketer. The one constant that I've found in a world consisting of endless variables is that success is not final, but more importantly, failure is not fatal.