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Michael Grogan


Machine Learning Consultant and Educator | TensorFlow and Time Series Specialist

I am a machine learning consultant and educator with a passion for statistics, programming, and data science. I have a particular interest in using machine learning to generate business intelligence solutions.

My educational background is a Master's degree in Economics from University College Cork, Ireland.

I have worked with a variety of clients in devising business solutions with machine learning techniques, and have presented my work at international conferences.

Portfolio projects include:

Hotel Cancellation Analysis with Support Vector Machines, SARIMA, And LSTM Networks

  • Used pandas to process, sort, and aggregate over 79,000 booking entries by total cancellations per week.
  • Implemented machine learning workflow using Amazon SageMaker – used Git to commit relevant repository.
  • Used scikit-learn to implement ExtraTreesClassifier for feature selection and SVM for classification. Identified lead time, deposit type and country of origin as cancellation drivers. Achieved AUC of 0.74 on the test set.
  • Devised LSTM model with TensorFlow 2.0 to predict weekly cancellations. Model showed improvement in RMSE from 57.95 (SARIMA performance) to 31.98 (LSTM performance).

Image Recognition with Keras: Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Built classifier to distinguish between images of cars and planes. Used training and validation data of 200 images.
  • Implemented data augmentation with VGG16 pretrained network to prevent overfitting and trained model across 30 epochs. Validation loss significantly reduced from 0.9405 to 0.2567.
  • Model correctly categorized 93% of test images.
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