Yujie Zha

New York City, NY, United States


Math is beautiful, enjoy it!

I had M.S. in Financial Engineering at Columbia University, and work at Bloomberg L.P. I'm a CFA Charter Holder.

Two useful links: MathJax, Real Analysis By Richard F. Bass

Keep at hand questions I found interesting and answered:

  • Derivative and Anti-derivative
  • Expectation of Conditional Random Variables
  • Riemann rearrangement theorem at higher dimension
  • Intuition for sigma algebra of probability space
  • Basis in Hilbert space
  • Hamel Basis v.s. Schauder Basis
  • Subbasis for Cartesian Product Topology
  • SDE for Geometric Brownian Motion

I love Chinese literature and history, and I'm a regular swimmer. I could be reached by zhayujie(at)hotmail(dot)com

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