Nic Foster

Denver, CO

Game Developer

  • Companies I've worked with: NetDevil, Gazillion, LEGO, Dire Wolf Digital, and Backflip Studios.


  • I know well: C++, C#, Lua.
  • Some knowledge: C, Scala, Java, ActionScript 2.0, Python, HTML.
  • Currently using: C#.

Game and Physics Engines

  • I know well: GameBryo, QuickStart Engine, Havok, JigLibX.
  • Some knowledge: Unity 5.x, Orge3D.
  • Currently using: Unity 5.x.

APIs, IDEs, and Misc

  • I know well: XNA, Visual Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Perforce.
  • Some knowledge: ScaleForm, GIT, SBT, RakNet, TortoiseSVN.
  • Currently using: Visual Studio Code on OSX.