Dat Ha


Student in High School. I'm part of a FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team. I aspire to work for SpaceX. I love all space/aeronautics related stuff. I've been like this since a long time.

I love the Arduino platform because of how easy and fun it is. It lets me discover programming and electronics all in one. Who doesn't like 2 for 1! My favorite programming language is C++. Note that I know that Arduino uses a mix of C and C++. I also know a bit of Python and I'm currently trying to learn some Labview.

I also love flying drones and repairing them. I currently own a Hubsan X4 H107C, but plan to upgraed it to something more professional such as an Arris FPV250. I don't really like filming while flying, I just like flying as fast as possible (without hitting anything naturally!).

My current Arduino project is pretty much a small "smart" hobby rocket. Max altitude should be around 1000-3000 feet. Not much expectations. Most of my questions will be related to that poject. Trust me, its complicated. A lot of process has to be done to keep the rocket stable during the first 5 seconds of trust and the rest of the climb.

Email : [email protected]