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Bangkok, Thailand

My account got hacked.

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I am no-longer writing about A.I. in a formal-context and/or on-Stack Exchange; I am doing penance. Counter-A.I. shall not be discussed in these contexts, as well.

A-lot of things are being toned-down.

Professionals Have Standards: Finding the Valuable Gold in an Ocean of Information

Knowledge Engineering | Analytical Moral Epistemology

"The consummate leader cultivates the Moral Law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success." – Giles, Lionel. "The art of war by Sun Tzu." The Internet Classics Archive (2007).

  • Dalai Lama Says We Need Iron-Clad Ethics
  • What does "Tautological Revelations" mean?
  • Humanity's Power Now 'Far Surpasses' its Common Sense Warns Immortality-Researcher

I am interested in Knowledge Engineering; Douglas Hofstadter-style writings; and all that entails.


I am focusing on studying data mining, as to build a base for more advanced topics in A.I. later on. Never neglect the fundamentals because: A house without proper structure will collapse.

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([email protected])

Please do not mine data about me. I have a family to protect; don't gossip about me.

Apolitical anti-racism: Donate to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

I no longer support Biden. I am avoiding politics.

My CoVid-19-notes can be found here: < >.

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