Jess B

Utah, United States

I am a full stack web developer, inspired by new technology and drawn to the connection between people and machines.

I have experience with the React and Angular frameworks as well as the Node/Express/MongoDB and Ruby on Rails stacks. I went to graduate school in business, but I also have a minor in Mathematics. I've done coursework in algorithms, computer architecture, statistics, and circuitry, and I did graduate level work in business strategy, marketing, and finance. I also have a background in dance, theater, and writing.

I'm interested in using all this to build powerful, responsive web applications. To me, tech is a fascinating blend of math and art, people and machines, creativity and ubiquity. It's art meets math meets plastic. It asks for innovation but it also demands being extremely practical. Its fluidity allows a constant struggle to become better, more relevant, more organic, more available, more crucial, more intricately connected to people’s lives. It blends creative disruption with precision execution. It’s a powerhouse of creative connection-making... and that is why I love it.

I’m looking for opportunities to build powerful, clean, disruptive tech that change things forward.

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