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I am a computer science student and a prime number theory hobbyist. I have invented a new prime sieve algorithm based on my findings and am working with a team of fellow students to isolate the patterns in the primes so that they may be found directly.

I am also involved in a project I am calling CurriConnect, which focuses on bringing the best of recent web technologies to the table for teacher collaboration on curriculum plan creation and evaluation. Other projects I am working on include a simple flash card program that uses an FFT and autocorrelation to estimate pitch and teach music sight reading, a toy game based on the 2d space shooter genre, and anything else I feel like coding at the moment.

I plan to work in a research capacity, though I am open to anything I can become obsessed with and enjoy. In the mean time, I am making an honest attempt to truly and completely crack the prime numbers wide open. You will likely hear about this within the next year or two.

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