Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Hi, I'm Ryan, better known as Robotnik. (He/Him). I'm an Australian with many passions:

  • Full Stack Developer with experience in delivering for Web and Mobile.
    Tech stack: Angular, React, C#, Java, SQL, Postgres, Azure, AWS, Microservices
  • Elected Moderator on Arqade - the videogaming Stack Exchange site
  • Volunteer in Environment & Sustainability groups in my local area
    I'm also going green at home: Solar, Rain/Greywater capture, Insulation, and Compost/Veggies
  • Gamer - Video, Board and Card games, and D&D as both DM and player
    Some Favourites: TF2, Minecraft and Pokemon | Betrayal, Carcassone and Resistance | Clank, Coup and Gloom | Clerics, Rogues and Monks

Stuff I do

  • YouTube - A Pinch of Salt - My group channel - gameplay and gaming/tech podcasts with friends
  • YouTube - RobotnikPlays - My personal channel - gameplay clips, achievements, tricks and techniques, time trials, and commentary on gaming in general.
  • Steam - My Profile - My primary gaming platform
  • Discord - A Pinch of Salt - videogaming, D&D, tech, sustainability and lots more.

Arqade Highlights

  • What does a BIOS file do in an emulator like 'MyBoy!'?
  • Difference between cl_interp_ratio 1 and 2
  • Is it known if Mojang is treating home family use of an account as a EULA violation?
  • Easier way to earn the 'Clubber' Achievement for Party Hard?
  • How do I fix 'Invalid JSON' errors?
  • What is a good setup for a 'Catcher' Pokémon in X/Y?

YouTube Highlights

  • FTL: Faster Than Light
  • Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
  • A Pinch of Salt @ PAX Aus 2016
  • Snipper Clips
  • Defeat the Horde! - Age of Mythology Strategy vs 11 A.I. [Achievements]
  • Sonic the Spy-hog - [TF2 Medieval Mode] (Big Earner, Dead Ringer)
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