Charlotte, NC, United States

Beginning in the mid 1960's, I became fascinated with electronics and; because my dad was in computers, they were added to my hobbies. In 1966 and 67, I was awarded 3rd place in the D.C. regional science fair; the first year for Fundamentals of Electronics and the second for having built a digital computer using knife switches, paperclips, light bulbs, and several hundred feet of wire.

In 1973, I began working for an electronics wholesaler and in 1975 fell into managing their fledgling integrated circuits division which promptly grew almost 10 fold, making me very curious about the things I was selling to clients like the Smithsonian, the Navy, .....

So, in 1976, I purchased several bare printed circuit boards; all S100, and started to build them. Little did I know that they would need to be reengineered in order to work together (or for some, to just plain work), that I would need to write the assembly language code for their rom BIOS, and the hardware drivers for CP/M.

But; from the knowledge learned pursuing my hobby, a career was born when, in early 1977, I began working for Computers Plus who just happened to have a room full of broken computers.

Ah, for the days when it was simply a bad IC, transistor, or component, needing to be hunted down and replaced. Hardware is much easier to deal with than Windows!

On February 1st, 1982, I put $500 in a bank account and started DMCC Computers which grew to be the D.C. area's largest and oldest computer service company, employing 20 people, and lasting til December 1999 when I decided to close it, primarilly for personal reasons.

Now, I'm trying hard to stay a one man shop, helping folks solve their computer problems and then teaching them how to do more than they thought they could.

Over 37 years experience in all aspects of computer services. From component level electronics engineering, to data recovery, O/S, and application issues on every platform made.

Certified by Apple, Imsai, Cromemco, Diablo, NEC, and Vector Graphics in the 1970's; IBM, HP, Compaq, and many more in the 1980's; Microsoft, U.S. Robotics, 3Com, SCO, Novell, and many more in the 1990's, I bring a level of expertise and knowledge that is almost unparalleled in today's IT.

http://www.computer-help.net or EMail gopher(@)computer-help.net

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