Ahmad Awais

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Senior Full Stack WordPress developer — WP Core Contributor — Front-end Fanatic — Accidental Writer.

I love to write, talk, build, and share everything about WordPress. You can find me making small automation scripts for DevOps stuff or toying around with WP Business ideas. Let's catch up at Twitter @MrAhmadAwais.


WordPress: 9+ years of design and development experience with WordPress. Built 25+ complex responsive and CMS based websites with complete strategy, wire-framing, design and marketing

UI/UX & Front-end: Experience with designing User Interface to eradicate User Experience issues through A/B testing. Front-end development junkie, with HTML5(Canvas API), CSS3 (Flexbox, SVG), Sass (SCSS), Gulp (pref), Grunt, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Thorax.js (JavaScript MVC) knowledge

Blogging: I am blogging from last 10 years, being an e-junkie was always a passion, which made me work to an extent of creating a gigantic network of 30+ blogs. After which I started working over SEO & SMM. Nominated in Best 100 Bloggers All over Pakistan Ranked #1 in Top 10 Younger Pakistani Bloggers’ List at IKB.

Developer: 11 years of development experience where I learned 10+ programming languages. It was never enough for me. Programming skills in C, C++ (OOP), Data Structures C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Visual basic, Assembly language, Ladder logic, Xilinx, Proteus, Altium, Matlab, SCADA, PLC, Electrical Transient and Analysis Program (ETAP), Power World Simulator (PWS),

Design: 6 years of design experience. I have played around in design niche with 8-11 different design tools. Adobe CC’14 Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver (left using it)

Public Speaking: I was one of the speakers at TEDx, topic: Need of an Alternate Career Path Startups: I am running two startups FinkTanks & WP-Pakistan (Due mid 2015). Won the first ideas battle at Plan9 Sep 16. 2012

Web design/Dev: I own a Web Design/Development Agency, I work as a consultant in the field of UI/UX/SMM/SEO/BRAND Marketing, with some famous multinational software agencies which are listed below.


Past Jobs: Head of Marketing Dept & Sr. Software Engineer at Off-Road Studios, Consultant with multinational firms including Pepsi, Coke, Standard Chartered, Orient, BBDO, Enervits, Chevron, GSK, GE etc Marketing Projects: Crafted & executed marketing campaign for WAAR the movie which later made to the Top rated movie at IMdB in 2013 w.r.t user rating Education

Executives MBA – present (COL Uni – Canada) Electrical Engineering (UET Lahore -PK) Well, I am an Entrepreneur who left his orthodox path of Electrical Eng after graduation to become a UI/UX Designer/ Front-end Developer/Marketer & a Motivational Speaker.

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