Honokaa, HI, USA


I am a Automotive Engineer as per my university training and used to work in the advance development department of an automotive supplier for occupant restraint systems. A large part of my job was creation and analysis of finite element simulation models. Trying to optimize my workflows re-spiked my interest in computer programming, because I'd like to get repetitive tasks done automatically, so that I can focus on the creative and analytical part of the job.

Most of my projects so far have been developed in Python. I really like the easy to learn and easy to read syntax and wide range of possible applications.

My biggest project so far is a Django web application that was supposed to help me keep track of all the simulations I used to work with. Because of the long simulation run times (20+ hours) I would have multiple simulations running or queued at the same time. To keep track of their statuses and results I created CAEJobDiary. Working on that project has been a great learning opportunity, since there is nothing more effective than learning from your own mistakes ^^

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