Pete Navarra

Boston, MA

My name is Pete Navarra, Sitecore Practice Director at Coria

I am an experienced senior IT professional (executive, director, manager, developer) working in the web industry. I have come from many walks of life with a rich history of personal loss, professional success, and plain old dumb luck. This blog serves as my outlet for saying the things that I need to say, sharing my life stories and professional trials and tribulations.

I’ve have been working with Sitecore since January of 2008 and have been on quite the amazing journey of learning about the platform, working with various agencies, product companies, and doing dozens upon dozens of Sitecore implementations. I am about as enthusiastic about Sitecore as I am food. If you’ve seen my waistline, you’ll understand.

I specialize in Platform Architecture, Problem Solving, and Mentoring.

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