• Excellent relational skills, both face to face and with a broader audience.
  • Back-end developer loving Python, Go, C++, Linux, Ansible, Docker, Bar-metal hosting, InfluxDB.
  • Experiences in stock market place, bank & finance, crypto-currencies, blockchain and open finance.
  • Practitioner of self-governance: trusting & empowering my colleagues, and providing both alignment and autonomy.
  • Good writing skills.

Past hobbies:

  • Organized C++ Meetups in Paris and on worldwide C++FRUG community
  • Member of my city Greeter association and Hospitality Club too.
  • Created website LittleMap.org to create/share libre maps for impair people.
  • Wrote one piece of the NFC standards (at MasterCard)
  • Developed an early Linux mobile, before Android release.
  • Developed games on my old VG5000µ and CPC6128 computers.
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