Santa Clara, CA, United States


Demo for my latest platformer, Jumper. For Mac, Windows, iOS, Android.

  • Basketball Shooter!
  • Virtual Beer Pong
  • Chess King
  • Cosmic Bowling, Amazon App Store:

    no. 1 in Appstore for Android > Games > Sports Games > Bowling

    no. 34 in Appstore for Android > Sports

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Masters in Comp. Sci. from New Jersey Institute of Technology

Gainfully employed as a SeƱor Software Engineer for Forcepoint (powered by Raytheon). I do however moonlight as an indie developer/indie game developer mostly in the mobile space, although I delve into VR, consoles and standalone more than my fair share.

Current work related projects primarily entail Mac Endpoint Security. My fundamentals are in programming however I have been doing Network Architecture, Design and Server setup for a portion of my career. Returning to my programming roots at the pinnacle of my career from a 5 year sabbatical wasn't easy.

I have a passion for GUI Design and Software Architecture. Platforms I am working in right now: macOS/watchOS/tvOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, Kindle, Oculus VR, Tizen, Samsung TV, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and Windows Metro apps. I also do 2D/3D game design with the Unity3D Engine, Native, Marmalade, and Unreal Engine 4. A moreover recent development has been my interest in VR Projects, Television embedded platforms, and porting to unorthodox devices. Like your own children, I can't favor one OS vs the next one. macOS, Windows, and most flavors of Linux I enjoy equally.

An avid fan of OOP. My primary IDE's are Xcode, Android Studio, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio and Eclipse. I also enjoy using Atom, Code, SublimeText, Nano, VIM and Notepad++. I enjoy C/C++, Java, and C#.

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