So, I'm primarily a .net application developer. Been employed for a little while now, and while business environs may not always be sexy, it does give some opportunity to work on different things that I find interesting:

I've gotten to write applications to parse SMDR phone records, 856 ASN EDIs (and generate the 997 acknowledgements), RFID scan records, data from industrial seal controllers, and various other things. For my own projects that includes parsing different types of XML files, text logs, ID3 tags, and metadata from video file formats.

Also written software for production, skid, and lot tracking. With some barcode scanning and ZPL label generation as part of that. A couple of plugins for contact management including a phone system OAI dialer. And a couple of ASP intranet and customer reporting portals, though those were fairly function-oriented. And a generous use of SSRS across the board.

As time goes on, I've gotten more interested in the analysis, visualization, and interaction end of data.

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