Elected moderator on Unix & Linux.

Currently working as a software developer, supporting bioinformatics and biomedical research. I've been using various Unix systems since around 1992. Privately, I'm using OpenBSD and macOS, but my workplace mainly uses Ubuntu Linux.

Two beautiful things in Unix:

  1. Pipelines, and
  2. The pattern-action mechanism of awk.

A script I wrote and that I'm using daily when answering questions on the Unix & Linux site:

  • Shell toolbox: provides a shell command that creates a "temporary shell" in a disposable directory and clean environment. Useful for testing things with.

I want to write an ed(1) clone. I'm doing my best to learn toki pona (a conlang). I'm a Dvorak keyboard user, but generally a nice guy, really.

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"Nothing new will be said here, nor have I any skill in composition. Therefore I do not imagine that I can benefit others. I have done this to perfume my own mind." -- Śāntideva, Bodhicaryāvatāra

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