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David Potočnik

Hamburg, Germany

Ideation and conceptual tech expert available for R&D project work and consulting.

Email [email protected] or tweet @dcht00.


  • Fuzzy logic, Information Retrieval / Enterprise search and Recommendation systems

  • Semantic Web / Linked Data Web, Open data, "Big data"

  • Machine learning, Data mining

  • Java development & deployment

  • Concept mapping, Mental cartography, Workflows, Design Thinking, Knowledge management

  • Linux servers, System administration, Auditing, Opensource deployment, DevOps

  • Hypermedia, Systems of representation, Data Visualization, Data Sonification

  • Quantified self, Quantified environments; Sensors, IoT

  • Numerics / Spreadsheets, Data Analytics, Data-driven companies

  • Hackbases; creative tech retreats; Coliving, Coworking; Hackathons

  • Sustainability, Sharing economy, P2P, Cooperatives; Open knowledge

  • Theoretical philosophy: Metaphysics, Perspectivism, Computational Hermeneutics

  • Architecture, Generative Design, Design Research, Automation