I'm mostly active on Stack Overflow. But you'll occasionally find me contributing on other sites in the network as well, such as Space Exploration or Software Engineering. I also participate on Quora.

Answers I'm most proud of:

  • Two variables seem to point to the same list, even though they should be unique
  • Python Value change method [duplicate]
  • Is there a function call happening when we index an object such as a list or tuple ?
  • Why is one being subtracted from the length of this list?
  • Redefining python built-in function
  • How can I move a sprite using the keyboard with Pythons PyGame?
  • What are the differences between SLS and Ares V?

Questions I'm most proud of:

  • What was the rationale behind creating input() in Python 2?
  • What is the procedure for naming spacecraft?
  • What is the procedure(if any) to select bytes to represent opcodes?
  • What should be the datatype of the tokens a lexer returns to its parser?

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