My name is Aaron Rolph and I am the head programmer for Danveria.com. This means that it’s my job to take the team’s ideas and implement them into our games (sometimes with a tear in my eye due to the complicated nature of the requests).

I am currently a student studying at the University of Hull doing Computer Science with Games Development. I am at University every single day of the week and therefore my life only consists of code, if anyone is in the matrix it would be me! In the little spare time that I have I play video games. I play mostly on PS4 (PSN ajrthegreat) because it feels more relaxing to sit back with a controller but I also have a hefty steam library (STEAM ajrthegreat) for when I am supposed to be working.

Feel free to follow me on social media (it’s pretty much always ajrthegreat due to when I was younger it was my initials and I was great!) and also follow Danveria.com to keep up to date with our games.