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Günter Zöchbauer

Linz, Austria

Google+ Profil:

  • I'm an enthusiastic and experienced
    • software engineer
    • sortware architect
    • developer
    • consultant
    • looking for clients/projects
      • I focus on custom line of business applications with a browser client and a cloud server developed in Dart and/or Go (and HTML/CSS)
  • Some open source projects I'm working on

    • Dart
      • Dart Polymer BWU Datagrid on GitHub
      • Dart Polymer BWU Polymer Routing on GitHub
      • Dart Docker Remote API Client
      • Dart Polymer BWU Sparkline on GitHub
      • Dart Polymer BWU FontAwesome Iconset SVG on GitHub
    • HTML/CSS
  • I have also a lot of experience with other technologies

    • .NET-, Java-, Dynamics AX ERP
    • databases
    • Linux, Windows
    • ...
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