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Sky Sanders


My name is Sky Sanders and I wrassle nones and ones for fun and profit.

Some useful code that I have written and is not under NDA:

  • CassiniDev - an enhanced cassini implementation with external IP support that is also a drop-in replacement for VS WebDev.WebServer.exe
  • SharpZipLib.Silverlight - a complete (less AES cryptography) port of SharpZiplib for Silverlight 3/4 and Windows Phone 7
  • Soapi.CS : A fully relational fluent .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Mono client library for the Stack Exchange API
  • Soapi.JS : A fluent JavaScript client library for the Stack Exchange API
  • soapi-notify: Stay ahead of the pack with new question notification V1 release
  • a suite of Stack Overflow related tools and services
  • SODDI: Fast Multi Platform Data Dump Import - Sql 2000/05/08 - SQLite - MySql
  • My CodeProject Articles
  • Google Maps API 3 Visual Studio Intellisense

I am MCSE+I which, while I have absolutely no desire to administer, goes a long way towards understanding the requirements, constraints and possible implication of the applications I design. This includes skilled installation, configuration and maintenance of IIS and SQL Server.

I have an keen eye for detail, strive for excellence but know when good enough is good enough. I move fast and clean and I can work in a team or as a one man hit squad.

I have also had extensive experience in the realm of the ASP.Net Provider Stack.

Currently my primary focus is on the Microsoft stack but 20 years of development and infrastructure experience coupled with a driving need to know and an infallible knack for finding out makes me uniquely qualified to deliver solutions for a broad spectrum of problem domains.

All code posted is tested and works on my machine. Unless otherwise noted, it is public domain and you are free to do with as you please.

You can hire me. sky.sanders at

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