Timothy G.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • 2016 Graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Information Sciences and Technology
  • Currently Employed at Vertex
  • See my Developer Story here

Some of my favorite projects I've worked on include:

  • Recreating a handmade Excel report into a dynamic web-based SSRS report
  • Creating a log compressor console application within C#
  • Adding new elements to an internal company website through the use of C#, MVC, Razor, and Javascript
  • Recreating a Qlikview dashboard into an SSRS report to capture and archive data that was otherwise not recorded using SQL table value functions and stored procedures

I like to work in teams that make use of the Agile Methodology, are well organized, and knowledgeable. I feel that you learn the most when you have a team that you can trust and is more willing to teach you a topic than hand you a task and expect a finished product.

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