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Colombo, Sri Lanka

I'm a computer geek, a programmer, love travelling and seek perfection. Enjoys good music, avid movie fan & a food and cocktail lover.

Proficient in Java, C++, HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Scala, XML, and about 4 more computer languages. Excellent Android & BlackBerry 10 developer, learning iOS development.

Speaks 3 human languages (English, Sinhala, Spanish) and learning 5 more (German, Dutch, Italian, Russian & Swedish).

2-time IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) participant, 2012 Oracle ThinkQuest runner-up, 3-time NSSC (National School Software Competition) medalist and 2013 IT Mastermind runner-up.

(TLDR; I know a lot of languages, program a lot, and won a lot of awards and medals).

Find me on Twitter: @roshnal15