Holt, Delhi charter Township, MI, USA

Greetings Stack Overflow and Programmers / Software Engineering! My job causes me to switch projects, and thus tech stacks, every couple of years. I've encountered many environments, with front-ends including C#/ASP.NET, R-Active JS, Apache Wicket, and Adobe Flex, and with back-ends including MS-SQL and Oracle. Overall, I feel most comfortable with Java/JSF and MySQL.

Greetings English Language and Usage and English Learners! I've been reading, writing, hearing, and speaking the Mid-West/ Great Lakes dialect of English for all of my 40+ year life. For better or worse, that also means I am a product (victim?) of the public education system of the U.S. and all the baggage that comes with it.

Greetings World Building and Writing! My world, called the Zoasfier (lit. Life Ball) is just starting to take shape. I have drafts of a few light fantasy short stories, and outlines for a few more. Maybe someday I will get something to a complete and polished state, but it is just a hobby.

Greetings Mathematics! Before I became a Software Engineer, I earned an MA in Mathematics and taught high school and community college for ten years. I've now been away from it for longer than I was in it, so I've gotten a little rusty. I can't answer the big questions, but I still contribute once in a while.

Greetings Great Outdoors! I love to hike and to kayak. I learned to canoe about the same time I learned to walk, and long before the training wheels came off my bike. My newest toy is the Hobie Revo with sail kit. When hiking and boating, I'll pick up any geocaches in the area as well, but I don't go anywhere just for the caches.

Greetings Pets! This space is dedicated to the memory of four great friends:

  • Cepheus (female canine boxer-retriever mix) B: 1966, A: 1966, D: 1984
  • Fred (male feline gray/tan tiger-tabby DMH) B: 1 April 1980, A: June 1980, D: Feb 2000
  • Collette (female feline self black DMH) B: 1 August 2001, A: 18 Jan 2003, D: 21 Feb 2015
  • Hiking-Sock(male feline white/gray spotted DSH) B: 18 May 2105, A: 10 Oct 2015, D: 12 May 2017

Greetings Physics, History, Gardening, PCG, Skeptics, Health, LEGO, Woodworking, and others! I've created a few other accounts out of light interest or a one-off question here and there. I also lurk around and read a few more SEs. I just pop in now and then.

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