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I'm a middle school highschool student.


My favorite field of study is quantum computing. Right now, I'm especially focused on reading about spontaneous parametric down conversion and am working on an experiment related to that. I've written a paper (meant merely for practice; it doesn't contribute anything new) on quantum error correction that can be viewed here. I'm also working on an ideal simulator of a quantum computer in Python; I recently figured out a major problem, so I made some decent progress over the past couple of months (though school has gotten in the way a bit).


I've typed up some notes on calculus and other topics in LaTeX (warning: I'm not as consistent in updating my repositories as I should be), which can be viewed on github here. I'm constantly working on Github projects, including my calculus notes. I also worked through the mechanics section of Conceptual Physics by Hewitt (yay!) and am now working through the later sections. I always enjoy learning new things about Python. I also read a lot of Tolkien and mythology - I'm currently reading through the Kalevala and Tolkien's letters.

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