The Count


I am often confused.

I used to do physics and chemistry. I went to science rehab. Now I do math, specifically algebraic and enumerative combinatorics. I have finished my MS and am currently an instructor and the director of some of the math program for undergrads at my school, though I do some research as time permits. My master's thesis was titled "Difference Sets in Abelian Groups and Their Generalizations". I am mostly playing with open combinatorial game problems these days, as they allow me to stop and start work as I please. I may do my doctorate someday, but we shall see. I am tired and old, and I do not like formal academia very much.

I also like jazz, my dog, and my wife. That is not an ordered list.

Just because you are good at math does not imply that your opinions about math are objective, important, or even well-reasoned. Be humble. You can be wrong. You probably are. I know I usually am.