Akhilesh Kumar


I’m a first year undergraduate at Jaypee University of Inormation Technology, Waknaghat, majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My research interests lie in Autonomous Aerial and Underwater Robotics. I am inclined toward Data Sciences and It's application to real life. Space and Cosmology excites me like nothing else. Metal music makes me supercharged and my best pastime is playing Basket Ball. I devote my rest of the time in Dramatics and have performed on lots of platform. I am chess bluff! I have been to some reputed Chess competitions.

I am passionate about Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics. I have recently started using python for my interest areas ranging from Robotics to writing codes for programs.

I am kind of a person who enjoys small things. I believe dreaming everyday as I am going to live forever and work as if it's my last day. I am regular contributor to Open Source because I can see it happening.

My most of the time goes into coding and assembling my junkyard

The best way to connect with me is by dropping me an email at akhilesh_k@outlook.com. I would love to connect.

Message me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. See my latest pics on Instagram. See my codes on GitHub. Lets Connect on LinkedIn. See my recommendations on Medium and Disqus. You are free to ask me questions on Quora

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