I started programming in 2011 with HTML, hoping to gather enough experience to get into game development. After making a few text-based adventures and tic-tac-toe clones in pure HTML with no JavaScript whatsoever. Seeing as HTML was not the platform for me, I discovered a piece of software called Multimedia Fusion 2, developed by Clickteam, which I used for a few years to develop games for game jams like Ludum Dare. The downside to MMF2 was that it was largely a drag-and-drop game engine and it had a hard limit of 500 entities in a single room. Moving into high school I took up computer programming, starting with C, C++, C# and Java. Having some experience in object-oriented programming and a few years working in Unity 3D, GameMaker 8 and GameMaker Studio I've developed a few games, written C++ libraries for student use, started teaching object-oriented programming and continued participating in game jams.

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