Issy-les-Moulineaux, France


Former teacher (PHP, MySQL). Back-End Developer working with PHP, SQL, Docker, CI/CD, Linux, ... I love working with Symfony applications/components, and messing with relational databases.

I write blog posts when I have time for it, often about Docker and Docker-in-Docker within GitLab CI.

Need to migrate data from a DBMS to another ? Try Fregata ! It can even migrate your foreign key constraints.
Need to migrate data from something to something else ? Try Fregata again ! It doesn't care if you use relational databases, NoSQL, files or even plain PHP arrays.

There is a demo project available with a MySQL to PostgreSQL migration as an example.

Need to convert MarkDown in multiple flavours for your Symfony application ? Try aymdev/commonmark-bundle ! It brings an easy way to configure league/commonmark with multiple converters and provides a Twig filter.