Neil Anuskiewicz

Eugene, OR, United States

I've worked as a solutions engineer for an ESP and as the Hostmaster for an ISP, so I'd say I know the most about DNS, including email authentication. I have a working knowledge of Bash shell scripting, Python scripting, and JavaScript.

I use code to solve problems and to automate tasks when needed, though I try to spend some time just coding for fun.

I've worked as a solutions engineer for an ESP and before that as a hostmaster, supporting hosting customers, for a regional ISP. Through my work at the ISP, I learned DNS, gained comfort at the command line, and learned to work effectively with people in a variety of roles, including business owners and developers.

Later, at the ESP, I learned a lot about email, including email authentication, working with executives, developers, IT staff, and marketing managers at various small businesses and non-profit organizations.

I'm on Stack to contribute what I know to help other people solve problems, while at the same time seeking to learn and expand my own knowledge and skill set. There are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people who respond to questions here so I try to spend a few minutes every day reading through questions and answers.