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I want to ask two questions on C++/Maxima CAS but currently can't for SIX MONTHS, because a moderator/moderators downvoted all my Winapi questions.

  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41312249/edit-controls-ctrlleft-ctrlright-inconsistency-across-windows-versions
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41326834/notepad-determine-when-a-file-has-successfully-loaded
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41317711/notepad-meaning-of-registry-entries
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41300639/new-folder-new-folder-copy-of-copy-how-can-these-prefixes-suffix
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41307187/causes-of-and-how-to-prevent-backed-up-files-modified-dates-being-shifted-by-on
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41325994/ms-paint-detect-programmatically-whether-there-are-unsaved-changes
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41297599/bbc-iplayer-get-set-time-elapsed-in-video-audio-programmatically
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41303876/windows-7-invert-selection-and-set-details-list-view-programmatically


Preferred software and areas of expertise:

AutoHotkey (AccViewer/iWB2 Learner/Acc.ahk/Gdip.ahk)
Internet Explorer (because it works with COM: Component Object Model)
Maxima CAS (freeware computer algebra system) (cf. Mathematica, MATLAB)
Media Player Classic (cf. Windows Media Player, VLC)
MS Paint (Windows XP version copied onto Windows 7)
Notepad (but with tweaks that I added e.g. text functions menu, ctrl+d duplicate line above, autosave, warn double open, F2 rename, ctrl+pgdn skip to next file)

Adobe Reader
FFmpeg (for video/audio files) (command line)
HTML Help (MS default chm help file viewer)
ImageMagick (convert.exe, identify.exe etc) (command line)
LibreOffice Calc
LibreOffice Writer
MS Excel VBA (pre-Ribbon)
MS Word VBA (pre-Ribbon)
NirSoft SearchMyFiles
SoX (for audio files) (command line)
WinDjView (for djvu files)
Windows XP
Windows 7
WinMerge (compare text files and other filetypes)
Xpdf (pdftotext.exe, pdfinfo.exe etc) (command line)
YouTube API

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