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Romania and The Nineteenth Byte

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On PPCG, I like both writing challenges and answering. I think we need more challenge writers. Oh, and Remember to vote any answer that you find impressive for the methods it uses, the golfing techniques it utilises and for how well it is explained! Stop upvoting trivial solutions!

I am a high school teen from Romania, code-golf addict and very passionate about Physics. I also like some branches of math. I am active on Programming Puzzles and Code Golf and on Mathematics.SE sometimes, but I recently stopped (at least partially) posting on Stack Overflow, mostly due to its increasing quantity of low-quality questions.

I can often be found in The Nineteenth Byte, so feel free to ping me (@Mr.Xcoder) there. I have written Triangularity and Physica, go check them out! My profile.

What I like? I love golfing in the following languages: Jelly, 05AB1E, Pyth, Python, Gaia and sometimes also Husk, and I also enjoy using Swift for things it is not well-suited to (example).

What I dislike? History and quines.

Profile picture idea from Adám ;)

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