Robert Frost

Lichfield, United Kingdom

Lately I've been mostly researching the:

Collatz Conjecture

  • The continued fraction defined by the ratio of any starting number to some ending number
  • The implications of it being a Euclidean function
  • Relationship to the 2-adic metric space
  • As an infinite tree of idempotent functions
  • As sections through stacked cones

When I say researching, really I mean dabbling in my spare time and... unfortunately... annoying the math stack exchange moderators!

If I ever get anywhere with CC, I'd like to study number theory next using the geometry of hypercubes and hyperspheres in an infinite-dimensional space. We can well-order the integer in infinite-dimensional space if we assign every prime a dimension, and this seems to define a relationship between modular elliptic curves, lattices, hyperspheres and hypercubes.

My brain does not work like other people's. I'd love to see the following conjectures proven:

  • The universe is three-dimensional because the three sphere is parallelisable.
  • The rules of physics are exactly the rules of logic.
  • The 7-sphere can be folded on itself to become both a 3+1 dimensional branched space and a 3+1 dimensional branched reality embedded in that space.
  • The above statement constitutes a proof of the nonexistence of the Yang Mills mass gap. Or in other words, you can zoom into motion as far as you like. You'll never find the "mass". Just motion within motion.
  • Your longest dimension is your age.
  • Everything moves at the speed of light, only its direction changes.
  • The outermost limits of the universe which we can't see are one and the same place as the innermost limit of any tiny "particle" which we are unable to probe. We see its its inner workings when we look outwards and its outer surroundings when we look in.

Some of these statements are more outlandish than others!

Most truths are obvious once known.

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