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Always Confused

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

I am basically a biology student, and slow learner, however I am obsessed with basics than advance. I have completed a masters degree in Botany around 2015.

I've submitted a proposal on AREA-51 for SE site on Bangla (=Bengali) language. Right now it's starred (*). I.e. if does not get 5 follows within 3 days of creation; it will be deleted. However it will take a long journey (many more supports) to make it successful. Enthusiast please support us by following the proposal or/and submitting good-questions.


! PSST !

The proposal of an SE about Bangla (=Bengali (in Eng.) ) language did not received enough follow within 3 days; so it has been deleted by system.

I'll again propose the site in indefinite future (not right now because I'm very busy); but If in the mean time anyone else want to take the initiative; they will get the support from me as much as possible for me staying within SE network and not hampering my anyother works. So the site won't be duplicated. If anyone wish; go ahead.

On that issue; my recommendation/opinion is; beside grammar and literature (mainstream things); typing and software-rendering related questions could be put under the same umbrella; because typing/software related problems are associated with its users or application. However othes' opinion would matter.

If SE network do-not have enough server-memory; they may think about expanding and improving that in future. Though it is quite impractical to include all Indian languages under the same proposal "Indian languages"; it too should be re-opened for the general aspects.

UPDATE: At some point at 2017 I have lost the backup copy of questions published in proposed Bengali language SE network; completely accidentally, after a system crash. I'm sory for this inconvenience.

Up to my recall, there was probably only one question by another user (other than me) pen-named "Ankoganit" who asked if the letter "ঋ" is pronounced as "R+i", then why it is classified traditionally as vowel instead of consonant.

Other questions were by me, and probably I would be able to recall them gradually.

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